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Landing - One Hitter Story

The Making of the Session One Hitter.

Both elegant and simple, the glass One Hitter is as functionally straightforward as it comes. We’ve designed one for ourselves in the typical Session manner - Classy and functionally sophisticated. When you’re out and about or just want a quick hit, this sleek, pocket-sized borosilicate glass cylinder is your best friend. This clever little one hitter comes with a silicone tab to protect your fingers and can be packed with your favorite flower, hold a pre-rolled joint or used with the Session Bong.

Solo moments to yourself or keeping the high going. The One Hitter is the perfect discrete solo piece. We’d love to highlight the fact that the one hitter is the ideal companion for the quick snap, that quick break, the hit you need to just keep the high on the perfect frequency. This piece celebrates the solo session or the mini montage montage moment. Imagine that session where you had a second to yourself, could have been at the top of the hill at sunset, the back of the alley at the end of a tough shift or the short sneak away at family dinner - that's what the Session One Hitter was made for.