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Designed in California | Woman & AAPI Owned

Landing - One Hitter Story

The Making of the Session One Hitter.

Both elegant and simple, the glass One Hitter is as functionally straightforward as it comes. For those who are unfamiliar with what a One Hitter is, basically it's a pipe that’s small in size and shape, featuring a very narrow bowl. It is also called a chillum or chillum pipe for the more classic stoners out there. The smaller bowl is specifically designed to hold a smaller amount of herb, which is ideal for a single hit. It's meant to provide a small bit of relaxation - a little something to take the edge off. We knew we had to make one for ourselves.

In the typical Session manner we had to make it beautiful, functional and unapologetically simple. When you’re out and about or just want a quick hit, this sleek, pocket-sized borosilicate glass cylinder will be your new best friend. This discreet and clever little one hitter can be packed with your favorite flower, hold a pre-rolled joint or used with the Session Bong. It comes with a silicone tab to hang it from a necklace or keychain, act as a roll stop when you set it down, or just to let you live out your Cruella De Vil dreams and look like a sophisticated badass while you smoke.

This thing is for solo moments to yourself or keeping the high going one small dose at a time - the One Hitter is the perfect, discrete personal piece. The One Hitter is the ideal companion for the quick snap, that quick break, the hit you need to just keep the high on the perfect frequency. This may be the perfect device you bring with you to your next concert or music festival. This piece celebrates the solo session or the mini montage moment - imagine that session where you had a second to yourself at the top of the hill at sunset, or in the back of the alley at the end of a tough shift or the short sneak away at family dinner - that's what the Session One Hitter was made for.

You ask if a One Hitter can get you high? The answer in short is yes. Trust us, we've done it (a lot). While using a One Hitter isn't quite as intense as smoking a whole Pipe bowl or taking a Bong rip, smoking the perfect small amount of quality herb will definitely get you feeling good. Packing just the right amount of your favorite greenery into our little sophisticated one hit wonder will do the trick... you can always go back for seconds. 

One of our favorite things about one hitters is that they conserve your herb. The bowl piece of a one hitter pipe is sized literally for one hit. This allows users to conserve their stash, only smoking one hit at a time. It's super easy to use and clean. Unlike other more complex smoking pieces, one hitters are simple in build and easy to maintain. Remember to ash out the small bowl right after smoking, and then rinsing with some alcohol every once in a while for a more thorough cleaning is key. Since it’s only one hit, it generally has a less pungent odor which is ideal for those looking to keep their smoking more private.

Whether it be discreteness, ease of use, or conservation, the Session One Hitter pipe can provide a great option for those interested in smoking on a smaller scale. Sometimes one hit can do wonders. Despite being a very simple product, we put a great amount of time and thought into this piece to make it perfect for almost any occasion.

That's the story of the Session One Hitter. We hope you enjoy smoking it as much as we did making it.