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Shop our award-winning glass Bongs.


Designer Series Glow Green Bong: Illuminating Your Smoking Experience.
15% OFF
Session's Charcoal Gray Bong: A Sleek and Stylish Smoking Companion.

Bong - Charcoal

7 colors
Session's Moonlight Purple Bong: Smoking in Lavish Style.
20% OFF
Session's Paradise Yellow Bong: Enjoy the Sunshine in Style.
20% OFF

Bong - Paradise

$148.00 $185.00
7 colors

Bong - Desire

7 colors
a glow-in-the-dark glass bong and pipe with silicone sleeve in collaboration with session goods x weedfeed.
Starter bundle; premium borosilicate bong, airtight ashtray with replacable deblower, and best cleaning solution.
Save $30
Large bong bowl replacement 2 pack

Bowls - Charcoal

3 colors
Session Goods Bong Downstem Replacement: Enhance Your Smoking with Precision Fit.

Elegant Charcoal Gray Bong by Session: Elevate Your Sessions.

Award-winning designer bongs created to help you unwind.

Modernizing the glass Bong

It was our assumption that in branding a designer bong, glass would be the best material to work with. But we didn’t want to just create a stylish bong with no sense of function or longevity. We use borosilicate glass — which we think makes for a bong that is durable.

Smoking, we think, should be just as much about the experience as the piece itself. We don’t like to worry whether our bong is built to last, so instead, we made one that is.

Call it what you want — a designer glass bong, a classy bong, a stylish bong — it’s your smoking session, and we think your bong should be ready to go from the first moment to every moment you use it.


Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are $100 away from free shipping.
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