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Let's Get Cozy Under This Insulated Green Roof

[in] session its 420 blog post - green roof architectural

It's 420, and we'd rather be getting a little stoned and a lot cozy while we nestle under the Edgeland House's insulated green roof. Designed by Bercy Chen Studio.

For more angles and views, check out our Instagram.

In the warm haze of this week's musings, we find ourselves diving into a world where design meets accessibility, where mistaken orders in a restaurant turn into a delightful experience, and where the mythical Shrek's Swamp surprisingly exists. As we explore this whimsical landscape, let's embrace the green, not just in Shrek's world, not just in our pieces, but in the vibrant possibilities that surround us.

Picture this: dreamy moments where the mind, perhaps tinged with a touch of the serene green, wanders into the blissful realm of doing nothing. It's in these tranquil spaces that creativity often takes its most magical form.

Our blog post is a celebration of dreaming, of envisioning a world where accessibility is seamlessly woven into design, where the unexpected turns of a restaurant's mistaken orders create an atmosphere of joy, and where the green expanse of Shrek's Swamp becomes a tangible reality.

So, without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams.

Design and Accessibility

Design Accessibility

This article amplifies the voices advocating for inclusivity and innovation, urging a shift towards environments and products that accommodate diverse needs. It's a call to action for a world where accessibility is not a delayed promise but an immediate reality, breaking free from the constraints of outdated norms."Designers and brands must get thinking now about the simple, immediate changes that can make their products more accessible to people living with disabilities."

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders

Welcome to the "Restaurant of Mistaken Orders," a unique dining experience where orders may take unexpected turns. In this establishment, the staff, including waiters and waitresses, embrace cognitive diversity, turning occasional missteps into an extraordinary journey for both patrons and servers.

Shrek's Swamp Actually Exists

(and you can stay there)

Shreks swamp airbnb

Immerse yourself in the whimsical charm of this recreated haven, offering a unique opportunity to spend the night in the iconic ogre's abode. Thanks to Airbnb, you can step inside for an immersive experience where the magic of Shrek's world meets the comfort of a cozy stay. It's not just accommodation; it's a journey into a fairytale realm right at your doorstep.

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