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Elevate Your Experience: The Session Stoner Gift Guide

Stash Box, Session Goods Pipe, Stash Pods, Grinder and Do Nothing Bic Lighter
'Tis the season to embrace joy, and what better way to celebrate the spirit of the holidays than with a highly curated stoner gift guide that's sure to brighten the festivities! Whether treating yourself or surprising your favorite cannabis enthusiast, some of our team has gathered and shared their Stash Boxes, a selection of our all-time favorite products perfect for uplifting the holiday spirit.

Stash box with Glow Pipes, Grinder, Lighter, HauteBox, Cones, One Hitter

Every stoner's stash is unique, holding the essentials like a trusty grinder, an accommodating ashtray, flavorful papers, a cherished pipe, and perhaps a delightful edible. Yet, the magic lies in the stash box itself, which can be as diverse as the strains we adore. It might be an old shoebox, a repurposed book, a cozy storage bin, or even a rustic crate. Or hey, maybe you're more of a 'stash bagger'—no box required!

Below, we're sharing some of our favorite products, each with its own sprinkle of stoner charm, accompanied by glimpses into our team's personal stash havens. So, kick back, embrace the good vibes, and let the holiday inspiration flow!

Stash Box, Grinder, Edibles, Ashtray, Vape, Papers

Ashtrays - We miiiiighttt be a little biased, but we love our Session Goods Ashtray. The debowler in the middle and the Silicone features make for the perfect smoking companion. However, we also love the Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter, which comes nestled inside its own matching ashtray.

Grinders - The key to unlocking a world of elevated bliss and an essential part of every stoners Stash Box. Among our team favorites is the Sackville + Co Grinder,  an exceptional and smoothly operating classic that consistently delivers satisfaction. Another standout is the HOJ Klip Grinder. It's not just great for everyone; it's especially beneficial for those who may face challenges with motor skills.

Lighters + Hempwick - Lighters play an indispensable role, whether nestled inside your stash box or accompanying you on your adventures beyond. You can never have enough of these handy fire-starters. Exciting news—our latest creation, the Do Nothing 2-pack, is not only functional but also ridiculously cute! We believe in adding a personal touch to your flame, and that's why we're also raving about Lighter Cases. Susan Alexandra's collection stands out as the ultimate way to make your lighter uniquely yours. Lastly, don't forget about Hempwick – the perfect partner for your lighter. We're obsessed with Beeline Organic Hempwick, and we truly cannot get enough of it.

Stash Box, Session Goods Ashtray, Canna Bodega, Session Goods Pipe, One Hitter, Higher Case

Pipes - Pipes are a staple for many, and you'll often find a compact Pipe or One-Hitter tucked into our stash boxes. While a satisfying rip from the Bong has its moments, there's something delightful about a quick session, especially before settling down for a holiday meal. Our Pipes, complete with its discreet Silicone Cover, (or even one that Glows in the Dark!), is the perfect companion for any festive gathering. But, recognizing the diverse tastes out there, we also can't help but highlight Elevate Jane's adorable line of pipes, adding a vibrant and personalized touch to your smoking experience.

Papers + Cones - The essentials for joint enthusiasts! For those moments when a joint becomes the highlight of our day, our stash boxes are always stocked with the necessities. While there's a plethora of rolling papers and cones available, we can't help but shine a spotlight on House of Puff's papers, neatly housed in the most stunning galactic and iridescent case. And when it comes to cones, Trippie Day takes the crown with their impeccably smooth pre-rolls, available in a delightful array of fun designs. If looking for a small token for the special roller in your life, the Z's Paper Baseball tamper is a team favorite. Roll on and revel in the joy of these joint essentials.

Get the latest scoops on all the things that inspire the team here at session.

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