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Zen Gardening with Yuki Kawae

Zen Gardening with Yuki Kawae

It's 420 Here's where we'd rather be...

It's 420 ... Imagine you and a few of your besties taking a dip in this magical jungle oasis known as the Mague House by Mauricio Ceballos X Architects. For more interior imagery, check out our Instagram.


We've shared our favorite architecture and interior design inspirations since our origin. What you probably don't know is every Monday, we begin our team meetings by sharing inspiration that spans many other subjects of art, design and innovation. Why, you ask? We are a design-led company meaning we use design to communicate. Now, we will be sharing these weekly updates with you. Join our newsletter and never miss a 420 update.

So without further ado, here is our weekly inspiration to spark your afternoon daydreams.


Zen Gardening with Yuki Kawae

Part ASMR, part meditation, it's easy to fall into a trance while watching the perfect shapes emerge from the sand. Take a hit, sit back, and slowly unwind with the fluid movements of Yuki Kawae.



Be our Valentine

Pleasure Session a v-day event at the Moxy Lower East Side

We are a product partner at Humble Bloom's event: Pleasure Session at the Moxy LES in New York City.

Peruse and play while immersed in pleasure + plant-based products and treatments. Each ticket features a tote filled with gifts + a raffle entry (combined value $1K) to elevate your experience.

Snag your tickets here: Humble Bloom Co use code: HBPLEASURE for 15% off



Slacking Off

Glass artist minature glass pipes

If you're a fan of glass bongs, weed pipes or miniatures, we highly recommend checking out Coral Kamstra-Brown's Instagram @coralstinyworld

How to Focus 

How to relax like its 1990 an article from the New York Times

Do you constantly feel distracted by alerts? Are you getting lost in your browser tabs? The New York Times shares some old-school concentration tips in their article "How to Focus Like it's 1990".

Preview: Set a timer for 15 minutes, silence all notifications, and focus on completing a single task. Gradually extend the focus time from 15 minutes to 20, and try to push longer.



Recommended Listening


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