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Who's down for a Spooky Session? 👻

halloween dress up barbie session bong
 We're diving into the spookiest, most exciting time of the year – Halloween!
As the world dons its eerie attire, we're here to celebrate the art of dressing up, but with a twist. Imagine your trusty bong, already your partner in relaxation, now donning its own costume for Halloween. It's a playful and chill way to enjoy the Spooky Season while still dreaming about doing nothing. We have some fantastic ideas to spruce up your bong for the most ghoulishly delightful time of the year. Whether it's a ghostly hemp-wick wrap or a pumpkin-themed makeover, we're here to infuse some spirited fun into your toking sessions.
So, without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your ghostly afternoon daydreams.
1. Ghost Bong
Ghost Bong Costume
Ghost Bong or BoooNG -- a classic sheet-style ghost.
To make this costume:
1. Cut a circle out of a sheet or table cloth that has a radius of 10".
2. Fold the circle in half, then in quarters until there is a small central point. Snip the center making the circle fabric a donut shape. 
3. Draw a face - this can be done with paint, pen, pencile or sharpie.
4. Assemble by placing the smaller hole overtop the Bong and secure it in place with a mouth guard. 
2. Pumpkin Patch Pipe
Pumpkin Pipe
Harvest Hoedown ready with this real pumpkin pipe.
To make this costume: 
1. Find a small pumpkin. 
2. Using a drill (or a knife) remove the center section of the pumpkin from end to end. 
3. Slide your Pipe sleeve into the pumpkin.
3. Disco Bong
Disco Bong
Add pizazz to any space with this Disco Ball Bong costume.
To make: 
1. Starting in the front center, lay the mirror tiles strips vertically. 
2. Continue around the piece, once you get to the back, begin to lay the tiles in a slight angle to makeup for the tapered shape of the Bong. 
3. Hallow out a disco ball ornament and force a one-hitter bowl on top.
4. Hempwick Mummy
Hempwick Mummy Pipe
Practical and cute - this mummy pipe is made of hempwick. 
To make: 
1. Unroll your hempwick and slowly wind it around the piece. 
2. Add google eyes for whimsy.
5. Spider Bong/One-Hitter Combo
Spider Bong/One-Hitter Combo Costume
This Bong is not for anyone afraid of spiders. 
To make: 
1. Glue fake spiders on it. 
2. Use a pipe cleaner to make 8 legs around your One-Hitter. 
3. Glue google eyes wherever needed.
And last but certainly not least, our creme de la creme, our hero, a fully functioning - BARBIE BONG.
With Barbie certainly trending as a Halloween look this year, it's only fitting you got a Barbie Bong to match. 
To make:
1. Rip the head and arms off a Barbie. 
2. Hollow out the head so you can put a bong bowl inside. Fun fact, Barbie's neck has a 10mm joint size too. 
3. Grab a silicone footer and cut holes in the sides and thread the arms in.  
4. Grab another silicone footer and cut holes in the bottom and place her legs in like you did with the arms. 
5. Assemble - you might need to cut a small slit in the footers of the arms and legs to ensure it will fit over the Bong base.
Did any of y'all dress up your pieces? We'd love to see them! 
Send us a photo to

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