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Spring Awakening On the Roof of Tsuruoka House

Tsuruoka House - Tokyo, Japan

It's 420, and we'd rather be enjoying a coffee on the rooftop of the Tsuruoka House  in Tokyo, Japan. Designed by Kiyoaki Takeda Architects.

For more angles and views, check out our Instagram.

Spring is in full bloom, and it's like the universe has flipped a switch, filling the air with new life and energy. Before you know it, summer will be knocking at the door, ready to whisk us away to even warmer days and even longer nights. But let's not get ahead of ourselves—there's something magical about this time of year. Everything's waking up, the world is turning green, and the vibe is just... mellow.

This week, let's talk about those beautiful little things that make life worth slowing down for. We've got a piece on "Flowers For Things I Don't Know How To Say," which is like poetry in petals. And if you're into herbs (the smokable kind), we've got a list of some you can pair with your cannabis for a unique twist. It’s all about finding that perfect mix, you know?

And for all you "Office" fans out there, here's some news to brighten your day. The Office is finally getting the reboot we've been clamoring for. but with some changes. It's like finding an old friend after a long time—you're instantly back in the groove.

Amidst all this excitement, remember to take some time to do nothing. Whether it's sitting in a garden, staring at the clouds, or just letting your mind wander, sometimes the best moments happen when you're not really doing anything at all.

So, without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams. 🌿✨


Flowers For When There Aren't Words 


Tucker Nichols’ "Flowers for Things I Don’t Know How to Say" offers a heartfelt collection of painted blooms that speak when words fall short. Each illustration is a gentle gesture, a visual whisper that captures emotions we sometimes struggle to express. Through vibrant colors and delicate lines, Nichols creates a tender lexicon of consolation and connection. Whether you're finding comfort or offering it, these floral designs remind us that even in silence, there's a lot to be said.

Smokeable Herbs To Pair With Cannabis


Got a stash? Elevate your smoking experience by rolling with a blend of smokable herbs that complement cannabis. Whether you're looking for a more relaxing vibe or just want to mix it up, herbs like Mugwort, Passion Flower, Ginkgo Biloba, Rose Petals, Holy Basil, and Yerba Mate can add a soothing twist to your spliffs. It's all about finding that perfect balance and creating a mellow smoke that takes your session to a new level of chill.

'The Office' Is Back, Kind Of... 


"The Office" fans, your patience has paid off—sort of. After 11 years, a new series set in the same universe as the beloved comedy is coming to Peacock. It's like a nostalgic time machine back to the Scranton branch, but with a fresh twist. While it might not be a full reunion, it's sure to bring back the dry humor and quirky characters we all love. Get ready for some classic Office vibes with a new storyline.

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