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A Fresh Start, Endless Possibilities: Welcoming the New Year

Bubble House - French Countryside

It's 420, and we'd rather be unwinding and recharging inside the Bubble House, designed by Jean-Benjamin Maneval in the 1960's.

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In the soft glow of the new year, let's embrace the warmth of possibilities and the cozy joy of doing nothing. As we stand on the threshold of what the next 365 days might unfold, there's undeniable excitement in the air—a heady mix of hope, inspiration, and maybe just a touch of the good green stuff.

So, picture this: a session in hand, the gentle buzz of inspiration, and the excitement of discovering the beauty in art, the pulse of pop culture, the flavors of food, and the elegance of design—all while dreaming about doing nothing. It's a recipe for a year that's warm, hopeful, and filled with moments of pure bliss.

So, without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams. 🌿✨


The Best Films to Watch This January

Saltburn Move - Amazon Prime

Enjoy a curated selection of the finest films beckoning in January 2024. From compelling dramas to exhilarating blockbusters, this list guides you through the cinematic gems that promise to kick off the year with an unforgettable reel experience. 

Why Julia Child Loved to Serve Goldfish Crackers with Cocktails

Julia Child

Explore the delightful culinary quirks of the legendary Julia Child, including her unexpected penchant for serving Goldfish Crackers with cocktails. Delve into the intriguing story behind this unconventional pairing, revealing the culinary charm and playfulness that defined Child's approach to food and entertaining. For more on this fascinating anecdote.

A Home Brand that Serves West Elm Style on an Ikea Budget

I Just Discovered a Home Brand That Serves West Elm Style on an IKEA Budget

Unearth the perfect fusion of West Elm style without breaking the bank! Dive into the world of Nathan James, a home decor brand that effortlessly marries the sophistication of West Elm with the affordability of IKEA. Explore how this discovery unveils a budget-friendly haven for those seeking elevated home aesthetics without compromising on quality. Read more about this exciting revelation and embark on a journey to redefine your home decor without the hefty price tag.

Recommended Listening

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