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5 reasons to clean a bong & bring it back that day one shine

5 reasons to clean a bong & bring it back that day one shine

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4 minute read

Cleaning your glass isn't only for aesthetics; there are several reasons why smoking out of dirty bongs can harm your health. We will go over the 5 reasons why and help you clean a bong and get it back to that day one shine!

1. Contaminants: When bongs start to get dirty and are not cleaned properly, they can accumulate bacteria, mold, and other pollutants, which can be inhaled along with the smoke when you use the bong.

It's also important to keep the bong clean regularly. A dirty bong can harbor bacteria and mold, which can be dangerous to inhale. Regular cleaning will help keep your bong free from harmful contaminants and ensure high air quality when smoking.

This can lead to respiratory infections and other health problems.

That's why you should NEVER drink dirty bong water. Just cause you saw it on YouTube doesn't make it a good idea.

how to clean a bong with session goods cleaning solution

2. Resin buildup: Bongs can also accumulate resin, a sticky, tar-like substance that builds up inside the bong over time. This resin can contain toxins and other harmful substances that can be inhaled when you smoke.

Cleaning the resin buildup also gives the bong better functionality. A dirty bong can become clogged, making it difficult to pull smoke through. Cleaning your bong will help ensure that it functions properly and provides a smooth smoking experience.

A dirty bong can become scratched or corroded over time, which can shorten its lifespan. Keeping your bong clean will help protect it from damage and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Don't be the friend that breaks out the dirty bong! 

how to clean a bong with session goods cleaning solution

3. Poor air quality: When you smoke out of a dirty bong, the smoke can be less pure and contain higher levels of harmful substances. This can lead to respiratory system irritation, among other health concerns.

By removing these impurities, you can ensure that the smoke passing through the bong is cleaner and purer and that the overall smoking experience is more enjoyable.

In addition, if the bong is used frequently, it's recommended to clean it more often than if used less frequently. This will help ensure that the air quality is always optimal and that the bong is always safe and pleasant to smoke from.

4. Taste: Smoking out of a dirty bong can also affect the taste of the smoke, making it taste harsh and unpleasant. Take it from us; you definitely don't want to inhale that.

Cleaning your bong regularly with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt can help remove these impurities and leave the bong smelling and tasting fresh. The alcohol dissolves the resin and other contaminants, while the salt acts as an abrasive to scrub away buildup.

To extend the time between cleanings, we recommend swapping out your downstems when they get dirty and changing your dirty bong water before each session. 

It's also important to rinse the bong thoroughly with hot water after cleaning to remove any remaining dirt or residue. This will ensure that the bong is completely clean and that the taste of the smoke is pure and enjoyable.

5. Risk of fire: If a dirty bong is left in direct sunlight or in a warm place for too long, the resin and other contaminants can ignite, posing a fire risk. It's essential to keep your bong clean to avoid this risk and keep your home safe.

how to clean a bong with session goods cleaning solution

In conclusion, cleaning your bong is not only better for your health, but a dirty bong can negatively affect the taste of your bud. Luckily for you, we've also created a cleaning solution that is very effective at cleaning your bong free of resin buildups and other harmful contaminants. Our cleaning ski is an isopropyl alcohol-based solution with fine-grain salt crystals that can remove the toughest stuff off your glass. 

We've also worked with our chemists to design a custom scent that has hints of floral scents of rose and citrus, because, just like all of our other products, we design it to the very last detail. 

Need to get your Bong back to that day-one shine? Shop our Bong Session Goods Cleaning Kit

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