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Cannabis influencers you need to know this...

Cannabis influencers you need to know this...
Stoner culture is an integral part of the cannabis industry's success. It helps connect the prohibition pot days with the new generation of indulgers and inhalers. These days, the best way to learn about cannabis culture is through social media by following other cannabis influencers, ambassadors, and content creators. Our favorite influential stoners to follow are people in the community who understand cannabis branding, marketing, and know how to spread educational content as well. Most of these cannabis influencers and artists deliver content about new ideas, products, events, art, and some very healthy routines. All around, they’re dope people to follow for when you’re scrolling the gram.  

Below are some of the coolest cannabis influencers we currently follow:

The Antisocial Stoner: 

One of the coolest cannabis influencers on our side of the internet is The Antisocial Stoner. This powerful woman is a cannabis influencer who strives to share knowledge with those who need it the most. Her content is driven by a genuine desire to improve women's lives.And we're still not over her beautifully cohesive feed and aesthetic. So good, right?! As we like to emphasize here at Session, relaxation is essential for generating a sense of wellness. It helps to manage the stress of daily life. The Antisocial Stoner understands that and sports a friendly demeanor coupled with a keen sense of advocacy, creating a well-rounded online profile for the self-described stoner mom. If this sounds like you’re kind of friend, join ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴᴛɪsᴏᴄɪᴀʟ sᴛᴏɴᴇʀs ᴄʟᴜʙ!

Stoned and Toned: 

One of the original cannabis influencers to grow in popularity in CA, Morgan from @thiscannabislife, started a workout brand to help stoners who needed a healthy outlet during quarantine. That brand, Stoned and Toned, has since grown to reach a community of almost 9k followers. Stoned and Toned offers 30-minute online smoke + sweat sessions for stoners who want to stay active but don't always have time to hit the gym or trails. We love this brand and Instagram page for breaking the stigma of being a lazy stoner by encouraging smokers to break a sweat with their sesh. So if you're looking for a workout routine but are intimidated by some of the physical trainers you see online, try a free trial! As their bio explains, it's where cannabis meets cardio (and another aesthetically pleasing feed to follow, just saying).

Silenced Hippie: 

Relaxed and sporting a touch of the maverick, silenced hippie brings a fresh face to the cannabis influencer circuit. Her online persona is chill and easygoing. Most of her content is taken in natural settings that create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility (so smoke, scroll, enjoy). Follow her and explore new recipes, products, strains, and more alongside the perspective of a cannaseur.

Tawana Marijuana: 

Indulge your eyes in a fresh, colorful aesthetic. Tawana Marijuana is a digital content creator and visionary extraordinaire. Her profile showcases her marketing wisdom and passion for cannabis. This is one of those cannabis influencers that seeks to open your mind through digital art and creative energy as she breaks Canada's stigma of cannabis advertising (we love to see it). Follow for inspo, she’s great!

The Cannabis Cutie: 

Taking cannabis education to the highest level, the Cannabis Cutie has got to be one of the best cannabis influencers to follow for cannabis culture today. Get stoned and educated simultaneously while watching her stories (as Biggie once said, relax and take notes while you take tokes of the marijuana smoke). If you're looking for someone fun to learn & burn with, give her a follow!

Nadir Pearson: 

As the co-founder of, founder of @studentmmjalliance, and part of team @cannaclusive, Nadir has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the cannabis industry. We love learning from him as his posts are full of education, love, inclusivity, and charm (he's pretty witty and equally funny). If you're new to the cannabis industry or looking for a way in, this is the man to follow for tips and connections. Think of him as your tour guide for modern-day cannabis trends, brands, opportunities, events, and so much more. He's got a fresh perspective and dope brain; check it out!



Whether you're just starting out in the cannabis world or you're an OG stoner, it's always fun to connect and see other pothead's perspectives and lifestyles. You might even find a new product or make a new friend. 



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