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What is a Stash Jar? Why do I need it, and what's the best way to store weed

What is a Stash Jar? Why do I need it, and what's the best way to store weed

Session Goods
3 minute read

In this article, we are going over the best way to keep your weed fresh, what is a Stash Jar, and why you definitely need it. Whether you are new to weed, or an OG, we got you covered.

Now that we've been around the block for a couple years, we've had a lot of people ask great questions like the one we are discussing in this article— although we aren't scientists/researchers, we do have a few nuggets of wisdom, and happy to share our POV.

If you've been to a dispensary and bought weed recently, you've probably noticed the variety of packaging it comes in; cylinder containers, zip bags, tins, etc... However, once you break that freshness seal, that packaging may not be the best

a shelf full of different types of weed packaging and glass smokeware by session goods, only thing missing here is a stash jar

Ideally, your weed should be stored in a tight-sealing, dark glass jar in a cool and dry place. If your storage is not airtight or stored in an environment that is too warm, humid, or exposed to light, your flower can deteriorate faster and lose its potency and flavor (It's like stale cereal, ain't no one got time for that).

Enters the Stash Jar...

Simply put, a container is used to store and preserve your weed. Using a stash jar can help ensure your flower's freshness, quality, and privacy.

Here are 5 greats benefits of why we like to use one, and you should use one too:

  • Preservation: A well-sealed stash jar helps preserve your weed's potency, aroma, and flavor. This can help prolong the product's freshness and maintain its overall quality.

  • Protection: Stash jars can protect the contents from light, moisture, and other environmental factors that can degrade the quality of your weed.

  • Convenience: Stash jars are easy to use and transport, making them a convenient solution for storing and carrying small amounts of weed.

  • Discretion: Many stash jars are designed to be opaque or have a decorative design, which can help to maintain the privacy of their contents.

  • Organization: Using a stash jar can help to organize your weed supply and keep it in one place. This can be especially helpful for those who smoke regularly and want to keep track of their supply or separate their strains.

If we still need to persuade you on why you should use a stash jar, let's plug in why ours is fantastic!

 person opening up a session goods stash jar to reveal a generous amount of weed

We spent a ton of time trying to create the most beautiful, simple, and functional storage container. Our stylish, compact stash jar has been designed to keep your weed fresh and your extra accessories safe so they don’t get lost somewhere.

a person revleaing the bottom storage of the session goods stash jar

This jar features a press-fit airtight silicone lid to prevent leaking and keep the smell contained. The black-tinted borosilicate glass is UV resistant to maintain color and preserve potency. These features protect cannabis from oxygen, light, and moisture, which is essential to extending its freshness.

 person placing a small nug of weed onto a session goods bowl, thats placed in a session goods stash jar

In addition to the trisected silicone storage for your additional Session pieces, we included a built-in bowl stand on the underside of the lid to assist you with packing the perfect bowl. The excellence of this stash jar will keep cannabis dry, locking in scent, and protecting it from light to extend its freshness as long as possible. 

In conclusion, a stash jar is a practical and cost-effective way to store and preserve your weed. Whether you're a recreational smoker or an everyday smoker, a stash jar is an essential tool for maintaining the freshness and quality of your supply.

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