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A baked beginning: The history of pipes

A baked beginning: The history of pipes

Session Goods
3 minute read

A baked beginning: The history of pipes.

Most stoners have one thing in common: we all have at least one pipe in our stash, ready for those occasions when we can't whip out our Session bong or light up a blunt. Pipes offer a more discreet way to sesh and are compact and easy to carry. So how did pipes become one of the most popular smoking methods today?

The vague history of pipes

With few records or research available, it's tough to pinpoint exactly when people figured out how to smoke out of a vegetable or piece of wood (yup, those were the OG pipes). Archaeological evidence shows that cannabis was likely used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies in East Asia as early as 800 BC, so it is inferred pipes of some sort (bamboo, fruit, etc.) may have been used. 

Then according to Brittanica, as tobacco popularity rose, natives in Central and North America began using pipes as a way to smoke it. These ceremonial pipes were crafted from wood, and their bowls were made from stone. These pipes were often decorated with earth-based pigments, feathers, and other adornments - talk about the original designer pipes

The rise of glass

Fast forward to the 1960s, and the glass industry is in full swing. The Grateful Dead had become a name in the psychedelic rock world and groupie Bob Snodgrass began making and selling hand-blown designer pipes while following their tour. This period marks the slow beginning of using glass for smoking cannabis. And this evolution of pipes would eventually lead to fully stocked stores in towns everywhere (under the guise of tobacco pipes, of course). 

The Session Pipe

So how did the history of pipes get us to create our own? After creating the Session Bong, it made sense for us to design a pipe as well, as they have become one of the most basic and popular tools amongst smokers. Plus, there weren't many pipes that looked visually appealing to us. So, we approached the pipe's inception and design with as much thoughtful consideration as we gave its older sibling. 

When creating the Session pipe, discretion, style, and functionality were our primary focus. We strived to produce a modern take on the traditional hand pipe. But a stylish pipe wasn't our only goal; we wanted to solve as many of those minor problems we had heard of and experienced ourselves when seshing with a pipeWe wanted a pipe that was easy to use while traveling but remained protected from the dangers that came along with that. So, we designed a protective silicone sleeve to fit the pipe in, made with a metal keyring that snuggly attaches it to any belt loop or bag strap. If you like to hike and smoke, you'll dig this. 

session goods modern, elegant portable hand pipe

Pipe, pipe, hooray

Pipes have come a long way through history (even if we don't have many written records). Whether you prefer smoking a joint, blunt, or bong, there's no denying the convenience of a pipe. A pipe always comes in handy (pun intended) when you need something mobile and discreet to smoke. If you haven't upgraded yours in a while, try a more modern take and check out ours. You won't be disappointed.

Written by Session Goods | Photos by Lowell Farms

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