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Modernize the design of the bong

Modernize the design of the bong

Session Goods
2 minute read

The Session Bong changes the game.

So how did we modernize the design of the bong?

While bongs have been around since ancient times, their design has remained outdated for decades. Since the 1960s, little has changed about the aesthetics--most are a relatively large eyesore you hide when guests come over. We figured it was time to create something more modern and sophisticated. 

Our aspirations were to make a functional and attractive piece— something you could leave on your coffee table when guests came over instead of hiding it under the sink.

We wanted to give bongs the same attention and design as other household products. So, we created a bong where every touchpoint was thoughtfully considered, from opening the packaging to packing that first bowl and how it looks perched on your coffee table.

packing weed into a session bowl

But our team wanted to do more than just make a cool bong; we aimed to design a completely modern experience. So we dedicated our time to learning about the little things.

As a result, the Session Bong is compact, with sleek lines and an ergonomic design for easy use. From the angle of the mouthpiece to the slender appearance, every part of the bong was consciously created to solve an issue other cannabis smokers and ourselves experienced.

Instead of guessing how much water is needed for the ideal hit, we marked the waterline on the bong. Hate that ear-splitting clank when setting your bong down on a hard surface? We fixed that while protecting the glass with a silicone cover. 

The first Designer Bong

We're proud to have achieved what we initially set out to do: create something beautiful, sophisticated, functional, and unapologetically simple. A well-crafted bong should fit in with your decor. The Session Bong checks that box and more (ultimately, it's something even your mom would proudly display in her home). We're beyond grateful to be a part of bong history and hope you'll enjoy smoking from Session products for years to come.

session bong behind fogged glass

Photos by Lori Lee

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