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Buyer's Guide to Glass Bongs: How to Choose the Best Piece

Buyer's Guide to Glass Bongs: How to Choose the Best Piece

The realm of glass bongs can be both bewildering and thrilling for newcomers looking to buy their first glass bong. The vast range of choices in the market can make it quite daunting to select the ideal piece for one's collection. However, worry not. We’ve simplified the most important information you need to know to its chief points. Making the right choice is easy.

In this guide, we'll examine the different aspects to remember when choosing your next glass bong, making sure you make a knowledgeable choice that promises a delightful smoking experience. Now, let's get started!



Glass Bongs Construction Material: Borosilicate Glass vs. Soft Glass

Regarding bongs, the type of glass used in construction can significantly affect your piece's quality and durability. Borosilicate glass, or "scientific glass," is a high-quality, heat-resistant material less prone to breakage and cracking than its counterpart, soft glass. It is often thicker, making it ideal for those looking for a thick glass bong.

It can withstand temperatures up to 515°F and survive sudden temperature changes without breaking or cracking [1]. This is especially important for bong bowls. If you live in colder climates, the bowls can heat up and cool very quickly when you use your bong.

Soft glass, while often more affordable and available in a wide range of colors and designs, is less sturdy and can break more easily.

We recommend a borosilicate glass bong for long-lasting durability and a smoother smoking experience.\

Session Goods Glass replaceable body

Size and Portability

Size is an essential factor to consider when choosing a new glass bong. While larger bongs offer more filtration and cooling, they can be more challenging to store and transport. On the other hand, a small glass bong is more portable and easier to handle but may provide a different level of filtration.

Be sure to consider your lifestyle and preferences when selecting the size of your bong. If you're a frequent traveler or have limited storage space, a portable bong may be the way to go.


Percolators: Function and Style

Percolators are an integral component of many glass bongs, as they help to filter and cool the smoke for a smoother, more enjoyable smoking experience. Numerous types of percolators are available on the market, each with unique benefits and aesthetics. Some popular options include:


Tree percolators

A tree percolator, also known as a tree perc, is named for its resemblance to a tree, with multiple arms extending outwards with slits or holes for filtration. They improved filtration and smoother hits due to increased diffusion. The multiple arms allow for increased surface area, which effectively cools and filters the smoke. This results in a cleaner, more enjoyable smoking session.


Tree percolators

Honeycomb percolators

Unlike a Tree percolator with multiple arms, the Honeycomb percolator has a flat disc with multiple holes that look like a honeycomb. This design allows for better distribution of smoke and water with minimal drag, resulting in a smoother hit. The honeycomb percolator is easier to clean than a tree percolator due to its simple design.


Honeycomb percolators

Showerhead percolators

Resembling a showerhead, this percolator features a central tube that forces water and smoke through slits in the base for efficient filtration and diffusion. Additionally, the showerhead percolator is easy to clean and maintain, a significant advantage for bong users.

When selecting a percolator, consider both the function and the style that appeals to you. Balancing optimal filtration and minimal drag is essential for the best smoking experience.


Showerhead percolators

Joint Size and Compatibility

Bongs come in various joint sizes, typically 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. A bong joint is a small opening on a bong where a bowl is inserted, which is used to hold the cannabis. When the bowl is lit, the smoke travels through the bong joint, down the stem, and into the water before being inhaled. The joint size determines the size of the bowl and downstem that can be used with your bong. 

Selecting the appropriate joint size for your needs is crucial, as this will affect your piece's overall functionality and compatibility. If you already have a collection of bowls and downstems, choose a bong with a joint size that matches your existing accessories.


Cleaning and Maintenance

A clean bong is essential for a pleasurable smoking experience. When choosing your next glass bong, consider how easy it will be to clean and maintain. 

Some bongs feature removable parts or modular designs, making them simpler to clean and maintain, while others are very extravagant in their design with lots of small parts.

As a newbie to glass bongs, it may be tempting to think how hard it could be to clean a glass bong. It’s made of glass; just put it in the dishwasher, right? Are glass bongs dishwasher safe? We’re sorry to say putting your bong in the dishwasher is not a good idea, and there are several good reasons why. 

Consider investing in cleaning accessories such as a kit to ensure your bong stays pristine. This will usually contain an isopropyl alcohol-based cleaning solution. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean a glass bong if you don’t have alcohol or a cleaning solution available:


How to Clean a Glass Bong Without Alcohol 

  1. Gather your supplies: Baking soda, white vinegar, hot water, a cleaning brush, and a large container to fit your bong.
  2. Disassemble your bong: Remove the bowl, downstem, and any other detachable parts of your bong.
  3. Rinse your bong: Rinse your bong with hot water to remove any loose debris or resin. This includes your bong bowls.
  4. Add baking soda: Add a tablespoon of baking soda to your bong.
  5. Add white vinegar: Add white vinegar to your bong until it covers all of the dirt and resin.
  6. Cover the openings: Cover the openings of your bong with your hands or Cleaning Caps.
  7. Shake and swirl: Shake and swirl your bong for a few minutes to allow the mixture to work its magic, and let it rest for about an hour.
  8. Rinse with hot water: Rinse your bong with hot water to remove the mixture.
  9. Scrub the bowl and downstem: Use a cleaning brush to scrub the bowl and downstem with hot water and baking soda.
  10. Rinse and dry: Rinse your bong with hot water and let it air dry.


Price and Budget

Finally, think about your budget when choosing your next glass bong. Although it might be appealing to pick the cheapest option, it's crucial to remember that quality usually has a cost. Putting your money into a top-notch, sturdy piece will save you cash in the long term, as it will be less likely to break and offer better smoking sessions for years to come.



Choosing the right glass bong for the first time is a personal decision that depends on various factors, including material, size, percolator type, joint size, ease of cleaning, and budget. By carefully considering each aspect, you can select a piece that meets your needs and provides an enjoyable and satisfying smoking experience. Happy shopping!




[1] Why is Borosilicate Best For Bongs

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