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3 of The Best Aesthetic Bongs to Complement Your Home Decor

3 of The Best Aesthetic Bongs to Complement Your Home Decor

There's nothing quite like a beautiful bong that rips like a top-notch smoking device and adds to the aesthetics of your lifestyle and home. In this article, we'll explore three of the best aesthetic bongs on the market, each with unique features and designs, and what home decor styles they best complement.

From elegant glass bongs to minimalist ceramic options, these pretty water pipes cater to sophisticated tastes and styles. So whether you're a woman searching for a feminine bong to complement your interior design style or simply someone who appreciates minimal design and wants a bong to match, you’ll want to keep reading.



Session Goods Bong: A Functional Work of Art

Our sleek and stylish glass bong is more than just a beautiful piece to add to your smoking collection - it's a functional work of art. Thanks to its clean minimal lines and tapered form, we designed the Session Bong to fit seamlessly into your life and become a staple home piece.


Session Goods Bong: Aesthetic Bongs


  • Cleaning Caps and Mouth Cover included for easy maintenance
  • Silicone footer for glass protection
  • Included Diffused downstem and bowls for smooth and even hit


Design and Functionality

We wanted to make a glass bong that was not just beautiful but also designed for optimum functionality and value. The included Cleaning Caps and Mouth Cover help keep that day-one shine we all love, while the silicone footer protects the glass from damage and hides unsightly dirty water. The recommended water line is indicated to help you get the perfect rip every time, and the included diffused downstem and bowls ensure smooth and even hits.


Types of Home Decor, The Session Goods Bong, is Best Suited For

Suppose you’re a minimalist with a home that leans more towards a Scandinavian or Japanese-style interior. The Session Bong is the perfect smoking water pipe complementing modern home decor.

The minimalist interior design uses bare necessities for a clean, uncluttered space. It's known for its simplicity, with clean lines, monochromatic hues, and a pop of color as an accent. The design usually incorporates an open floor plan, ample natural light, and practical furniture highlighting essential elements’ shape, texture, and color.

Want to learn more about defining your personal design style? Here is a helpful tutorial to determine what style suits you.


The Hexagon: Bold and Contemporary

This bong has been inspired by the angular lines and forms of Daniel Libeskind’s architecture. Reimagine what a water pipe could look like in a sci-fi movie, and you have the Hexagon. The Hexagon is designed to be flaunted, promising the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics.


The Hexagon Bong


  • Stain-resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic body and glass bowl
  • Freezer safe for cooler smoke during use


Design and Aesthetics

The Hexagon comes in three core glaze options: Black, Red, and White, offering a bold and beautiful bong for anyone who appreciates contemporary design. Its ceramic body is stain-resistant, dishwasher safe, and can even be placed in the freezer for a cooler smoking experience. The diffusing downstem filters smoke, ensuring that this bong doesn't sacrifice functionality for aesthetics.


Interior Design Styles The Hexagon is Best Suited For

If you’re a die-hard fan of marble, black and white, glass, and gold and silver accents, we can confidently say your home is charming, and you enjoy the glam interior decor. If we accurately describe your home, then The Hexagon is the perfect bong to complement your interior design preferences. 

Glam is an interior design style that exudes an energetic vibe with ornate and extravagant features. It effortlessly blends luxury with practicality to create a perfect balance. Although people can easily recognize it, few know about the various elements contributing to this dazzling look.


Chongo: A Timeless Classic

The Chongo is the definition of a classic bong without the cheap tackiness. As familiar as a well-worn rug, Chongo is simply timeless. Its all-ceramic design gives it a unique look, perfect for those who appreciate nature, rural environments, and industrial textures.


Chongo Bong

Design and Materials

The Chongo measures 12 inches in height and 4.5 inches in width, making it a substantial piece to add to your home decor. Made from lead-free, food-safe glaze, ceramic, and a high-grade silicone grommet, it ensures clean, airtight hits. As this piece is made by hand with natural materials, visual variations may be present, making each Chongo one of a kind and unique.


Home Decor Styles The Chongo is Best Suited For

Does the thought of living in a renovated warehouse downtown get you excited? Your home features exposed architectural elements such as pipes, brick, and concrete while following minimalist design philosophy. If so, Chongo, with its ceramic finish, is the bong to complement your home decor style.

The industrial home design style takes inspiration from repurposed factories during the Industrial Revolution. It's all about open floor plans and a cool, neutral color palette. But don't be fooled, and this is the same as minimalism! It's an energetic style that combines mid-century modern and farmhouse styles.


Final Thoughts

Regarding aesthetic bongs that complement your home decor, these three options are top contenders. The Session Bong offers a sleek and stylish design with superior functionality. The Hexagon provides a bold and contemporary look, perfect for those who appreciate modern design. Finally, the Chongo is a timeless classic with its all-ceramic design and natural textures.

So whether you're searching for modern bongs, feminine bongs, cute bongs, or simply a new water pipe to add to your collection that adds an aesthetic element, these three options are sure to impress you and your home guests.


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