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Our selected highlights.

LINQ Magazine | Sept 16th 2022

"If you’re like me, and don’t want to turn your sesh’ into a chore, I would recommend Session Goods products because of their exceptional quality, ease of cleaning, and value for money."

GQ | Oct 10 2022

"Stow away your dry herb and make sure no one can smell it like if you're living somewhere you shouldn't exactly be having this special grass"

Esquire | Dec 12th 2022

"For the weed enthusiast who prefers a bong, and doesn't mind that bong comes in a discreet veneer for when their disapproving parents come over for dinner."

High Times | Nov 17th 2022

"The Session Bong embodies a “less is more” design aesthetic. Each detail of the piece has been carefully considered to ensure that they are beautiful and highly functional"

LA Times | Nov 11th 2022

"When it comes to weed-smoking gear, simple is better, though often at the expense of style. That’s why this pipe is a standout; a futuristic-looking cone of black-tinted borosilicate glass dimpled in a few strategic places..." | Sept 8th 2022

"Every stash deserves an elegant, grown-up aesthetic, and Sessions Goods offers exactly that with its charcoal-colored Essentials Starter Kit."

Huckberry | Aug 1st 2022

"Beautiful tools designed to turn smoking into high art."

Esquire | Dec 2nd 2022

"They can keep their goods safe with the help of this handy jar. It has a tight-seal silicone lid that keeps things fresh and cool as well as a storage base for additional bits and pieces."

High Yields | Aug 26th 2022

"I absolutely loved this Stash Jar: it exceeded my expectations!"

Gear Patrol | July 17th 2022

"If you don’t want to pass or touch a soggy joint with your fingers, use this one-hitter to hold your pre-roll."

Insidehook | Apr 21st 2022

"For the uninformed, Session Goods designs some of the most stunning pipes, bongs and smoking accessories we’ve ever laid eyes on. Each piece is elegant and artfully crafted, worthy of space in your living room knickknacks collection when it’s not in use."

LA Enthusiast | Oct 27st 2022

"Balancing tasteful design with premium functionality, this modern take on the classic ashtray will keep any session classy and clean."

Inputmag | Aug 20th 2022

“Between its attractive look, how smooth it smoked, and how easy it was to clean, Session Goods’ pipe will undeniably be included in my regular smoking rotation, and I’d recommend it for yours too.”

Esquire | Apr 2nd 2022

"At first, judging by its cover, "modern" and "minimalist" come to mind—but you get a bit of maximalism in the mix once you pack the bowl."

LEAF Magazine | Apr 1st 2022

"The brand represents a lifestyle focused on destigmatizing and normalizing Cannabis usage in a way that is both elegant and edgy."

Design Milk | Mar 29th 2022

"While the aesthetic of this line may intend to tap the subconscious, the tools they accessorize have been designed with purposeful and rational details."

StupidDope | Oct 28th 2021

"The seductive limited-edition line will be the perfect addition to any discerning smoker’s collection."

Gear Patrol | Mar 31st 2022

"Why aren't all smoking accessories this smart, sophisticated, and stylish?"

Inputmag | Aug 20th 2022

"Damn that’s easy, I thought to myself. Is this what liking a bong feels like? Is this what designer means? To both questions, yes. I, a bong-hater, loved this bong."

Respect My Region | Apr 24th 2022

"The team at Session has created more than a well-designed bong. They have sparked a lifestyle movement and reignited the fire of creativity (and competitiveness) in the glassware market."

LA Enthusiast | Oct 27th 2021

"The excellence of this stash jar will keep cannabis dry, locking in scent, and protecting it from light to extend its freshness as long as possible."

Design Milk | Oct 21st 2021

"Not only does Session Goods create beautiful smoking accessories, but they also consider every stage of their products’ lifecycle and provide endless resources on how to best care for your pipe, so you can enjoy it for many more sessions to come."

StupidDope | Sept 29th 2021

"Never feel taboo in enjoying your flowers, get some sophisticated pieces you will proudly display at home."

Design Milk | Oct 21st 2021

"Not only does Session Goods create beautiful smoking accessories, but they also consider every stage of their products’ lifecycle and provide endless resources on how to best care for your pipe, so you can enjoy it for many more sessions to come."

Whalebone | Sept 19th 2021

"I would highly recommend the one hitter to everyone. All your friends are going to think you have your shit together. And turns out, you probably will get your shit together after taking one hit from this bad boy."

The Aspen Times | Sept 3rd 2021

"The San Francisco-based startup’s growing collection of cannabis gear brings smartphone-like simplicity to every smoke session."

Rolling Stone | Apr 20th 2021

"Best Everyday Model, Session Goods Bong: If you’re looking to put some real mileage on a bong, Session Goods is the place to start."

Vox | Apr 19th 2021

"... designer bong company Session Goods, which sells pieces clearly designed by people who take toking seriously. Its flagship design features an ergonomic neck so it’s easy to use (and feels less phallic than many other options out there), and features a rubber base that makes it harder to crack on accident."

Gizmodo | Apr 16th 2021

"The neat thing about this pipe, though, is that it fits snugly into an included silicone sleeve that allows it to be tossed into a backpack or purse without any worry that it’s going to break or leave ash all over the inside of whatever you’re carrying it in."

Whalebone | Sept 19th 2021

"Standing ovation for the Session bong, ladies and gentlemen."

Do The Bay | Apr 10th 2021

"Designer smoking accessories that you can be proud to own and proud to show off."

Design Milk | Mar 23rd 2021

"Session Goods, a small lifestyle brand creating modern pieces that feel more like home goods than paraphernalia, believe these moments of pleasure and indulgence should be celebrated in a beautiful way."

Dude I Want That | Mar 23 2021

"Session Pipes are designed both for at-home and to-go enjoyment. The silicone sleeves both protect your piece, and allow you to store a bowl and keep ash out of your bag (or off your pants if you accessorize with the Pipe on a belt loop) so you can take your Session anywhere."

Gizmodo | Apr 16th 2021

"There’s no better time to treat yourself to the smoking device of your dreams. After all, is it so much to ask that our glass look as grown up as a nice bottle of wine waiting to be uncorked on the kitchen countertop?"

Whalebone | Sept 19th 2021

"The way it’s crafted allows for such a nice smooth hit, without the harshness some bowls can give."

Incredible Things | Mar 21st 2021

"With no reference at all to the counterculture styled pipes still sold by so many outlets today, the Session Pipe is a reinvention of cannabis consumption equipment that is rooted in the present, not the past."

CannaInsider | Nov 11th 2020

"If you’re searching for smokeware that looks amazing AND hits like a dream, you won’t find better than Session Goods.Top-of-the-line craftsmanship, unparalleled durability, and the smoothest, most enjoyable sessions of your life. We give them an A+ and can’t recommend them enough."

Incredible Things | Mar 21st 2021

"To that extent cannabis users don’t get the old style but seek pipes, bongs and accessories that fit in with their mainstream worlds. This is where Session has broken new ground – in making high quality pipes, bongs and accessories that don’t challenge the status quo but are part of that status quo."

Cool Material | Nov 9th 2020

"Unlike the hardware you might be familiar with from your youth, both the Session Bong and Session Pipe are thoughtfully designed, simple pieces made with high-quality materials and attractive enough to display when not in use."

Dude I Want That | Oct 29th 202

"Classy is in Session. The Session Bong by Session Goods seeks to be your "beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple" smoking companion. To bring you a little joy and a little indulgence, without making you feel illicit or taboo. In other words, this is one classy water pipe."

Thrillist | Oct 19th 2020

"Session Goods, known for their reinvention of the classic bong, has crafted a stylish, small glass pipe accompanied by a perfectly-fitted silicone case."

Gossamer | Oct 10th 2020

"The Session Bong is the rare object whose understated form is all about function—in other words: it’s so simple you know immediately just how much work went into making it look that way."

Gestalten: High On Design | Sept 14th 2020

“Its pieces signal the move away from the wild swirling colors and shapes of the retro pipe market and toward the sleek minimalism found in the coolest accessories of the twenty-first century.”

Uncrate | July 7th 2020

"With its compact and discrete design, the Session Goods Designer Glass Hand Pipe is made to accompany you on the go."

Thrillist | June 30th 2020

"The Session Bong is a chic version of the perfect, basic glass bong."

Herb | Apr 4th 2020

"If you’re looking for a bong that is simple to use, quick to clean, and elegant enough to serve as a coffee table centrepiece when your mom comes over, we recommend the Sessions Bong."