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Session Goods
Limited Edition
Designer Series

Explore the beautiful styling of our modern accessories by purposefully indulging in the stereotypical designer aesthetics of monochromatic black and white.

The Making of the Session Designer Series.

They say the world isn't black and white, but when it comes to our latest product series, we disagree. We have taken Session’s iconically designed, modern smoking accessory line and created a limited edition run of all black and white Designer Bongs, Designer Pipes, and Cleaning Caps. 

It’s our fourth birthday and we made this exclusive limited-edition drop to celebrate. 

We wanted to explore the beautiful styling of our modern products by purposefully indulging in stereotypical designer aesthetics - black and white. This matchup is timeless, sleek, and effortlessly trendy. Indulgence is a core value for us at Session so we decided to give in to our pipe dream and bring these monochrome masterpieces to life. Don’t get us wrong, we love color, but for this launch, we chose to abandon the rainbow for something simpler - a monochromatic match made in heaven. We followed our hearts and with the release of our Designer Series, we will be capturing the edgy, sophisticated, cool, drool-worthy facets of our smoking accessories highlighted in the duality that is black and white.

Ash Black - It has undeniable power, its darkness creates a unique visual potency. Black connotes seriousness and diligence, it can be sinister or rebellious, while simultaneously being the epitome of chic and sophistication with a hint of eroticism. It is smart, elegant, and attractive, Black never goes out of style. 

Cloud White -  It has a gravitas that speaks for itself with an elegance that creates a stunning visual allure. White epitomizes clean minimalism and purity. White is imbued with a sense of luxury, balance, and harmony. It is both richly classy and impractically extravagant. The color white is the highest society.

From the angled mouthpiece to the smooth clean lines of the tapered body and the stylish soft silicone sleeve of the original Session Bong and Pipe, each piece is still as beautiful, functional, and unapologetically simple as its original design. The addition of the black tinted glass of the all-black designer series and the frosted white finish of the all-white set will hit every visual pleasure center in the brain. The seductive limited-edition line will be the perfect addition to any discerning smoker’s collection.

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