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Cleaning Caps

Convenient ∙ Handy ∙ Watertight

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Whether it's a weekly routine or after every use, there’s nothing like a freshly cleaned piece.  Watertight silicone caps allow you to clean your Session Bong with a good shake. The caps also nest neatly together for compact storage.

This product is intended to be used with the Session Bong.




  • Two high-grade silicone stoppers.
  • Small cap nests neatly within the large cap.
  • Custom fit for the Bong mouth and downstem openings.
  • Designed to fit the Session Bong.


  • Large Cap: ⌀36mm x 12mm | ⌀1.42” x 0.475”
  • Small Cap: ⌀22.5mm x 9.65mm | ⌀0.89” x 0.38”

Customer Reviews

"Cleaning the Se$$ions piece with the cleaning caps reminds me of shaking a martini. Fucking beautiful."

written by Jesse | Jun 2nd 2020

Where have cleaning caps like this been my whole life?! Wow, if the session bong wasn't great enough, adding these caps really puts the icing on the cake...

written by Jonathan | Jun 11th 2020

I've cleaned a million pipes, bongs etc. and these little caps just changed the game. Usually, you get stuff all over your hands and now mess-free. Game Changer!!

written by Emma | May 15th 2020