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Replacement Stash Jar Body

Borosilicate ∙ Tinted ∙ Replacement

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Whether it's during a rough journey, a drop during cleaning, or a clumsy moment during smoking, breaking a piece is annoying and inevitable. Always have a backup to keep your session going with a replacement glass body for the Session Stash Jar.

This product is only for the Session Stash Jar. No accessories are included with this product.

The following product is only available for customers who have purchased the "Stash Jar” from Session Goods or authorized retailers. Once a Replacement order has been placed, it will be reviewed to confirm eligibility prior to shipping.



  • 100% guaranteed not broken glass.


  • Overall: ⌀88mm x 44mm | ⌀3.46” x 1.73”
  • Glass Thickness - Top Section: 4mm | 0.16”
  • Glass Thickness - Bottom Section: 2mm | 0.08”
  • Storage Volume: ~0.25oz unground herb

Replacement Stash Jar Body