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The Session Pipe is compact, classy & ready to go. Take a deep breath, relax & enjoy your session.

"The neat thing about this pipe, though, is that it fits snugly into an included silicone sleeve that allows it to be tossed into a backpack or purse without any worry that it’s going to break or leave ash all over the inside of whatever you’re carrying it in."

Gizmodo | Apr 16th 2021Read Article

"With no reference at all to the counterculture styled pipes still sold by so many outlets today, the Session Pipe is a reinvention of cannabis consumption equipment that is rooted in the present, not the past."

Incredible Things | Mar 21st 2021Read Article

"To that extent cannabis users don’t get the old style but seek pipes, bongs and accessories that fit in with their mainstream worlds. This is where Session has broken new ground – in making high quality pipes, bongs and accessories that don’t challenge the status quo but are part of that status quo."

Incredible Things | Mar 21st 2021Read Article

"Designer smoking accessories that you can be proud to own and proud to show off."

Do The Bay | Apr 10th 2021Read Article

"Session Pipes are designed both for at-home and to-go enjoyment. The silicone sleeves both protect your piece, and allow you to store a bowl and keep ash out of your bag (or off your pants if you accessorize with the Pipe on a belt loop) so you can take your Session anywhere."

Dude I Want That | Mar 23rd 2021Read Article

"Session Goods, a small lifestyle brand creating modern pieces that feel more like home goods than paraphernalia, believe these moments of pleasure and indulgence should be celebrated in a beautiful way."

Design Milk | Mar 23rd 2021Read Article

"With its compact and discrete design, the Session Goods Designer Glass Hand Pipe is made to accompany you on the go."

Uncrate | July 1st 2020Read Article

"Unlike the hardware you might be familiar with from your youth, both the Session Bong and Session Pipe are thoughtfully designed, simple pieces made with high-quality materials and attractive enough to display when not in use."

Cool Material | Nov 9th 2020Read Article

"Session Goods, known for their reinvention of the classic bong, has crafted a stylish, small glass pipe accompanied by a perfectly-fitted silicone case."

Thrillest | Oct 19th 2020Read Article

“Its pieces signal the move away from the wild swirling colors and shapes of the retro pipe market and toward the sleek minimalism found in the coolest accessories of the twenty-first century.”

High On Design | Aug 14th 2020Read Article

"A smart and sophisticated line of cannabis lifestyle products designed for mainstream culture."

Casually Baked | Mar 17th 2020Read Article

"The handheld pipe was created using the same design principles as the Session Bong — functionality, simplicity and beauty — to make for a product you’ll want to use every day and anywhere you go."

Cannabis Now | Oct 7th 2019Read Article

"Session Goods’ products will help you achieve the best smoking ritual possible."

Cannabis Now | Oct 6th 2019Read Article

"The latest step in marijuana’s march into the mainstream? A cafe where you can legally light up a joint, alongside a plate of vegan nachos."

Bloomberg | Oct 2nd 2019Read Article

"The Avid Dabber, Will Hyde, sits down with Sam and Esther of Session Goods to discuss the many ways product design can impact the cannabis experience."

Leafly | Aug 21st 2019Read Article

"Session Goods Designs With Beauty & Functionality In Mind."

Dieline | Jan 15th 2019Read Article

"Simplicity and Modesty in Form Through Function."

Forbes | Jan 10th 2019Read Article

Dedicated to moments of indulgence, thoughtfully expressed through permissible vices.