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The Session bong is a beautiful exercise in minimalism and modernism.

"The Session Bong is the rare object whose understated form is all about function—in other words: it’s so simple you know immediately just how much work went into making it look that way."

Gossamer | Oct 10th 2020Read Article

“Its pieces signal the move away from the wild swirling colors and shapes of the retro pipe market and toward the sleek minimalism found in the coolest accessories of the twenty-first century.”

High On Design | Sept 14th 2020Read Article

"The Session Bong is a chic version of the perfect, basic glass bong."

Thrillest | June 30th 2020Read Article

"If you’re looking for a bong that is simple to use, quick to clean, and elegant enough to serve as a coffee table centerpiece when your mom comes over, we recommend the Sessions Bong."

Herb | April 1st 2020Read Article

"Experience millennial design at its finest with The Session Bong."

Weedmaps | Mar 27th 2020Read Article

"A smart and sophisticated line of cannabis lifestyle products designed for mainstream culture."

Casually Baked | Mar 17th 2020Read Article

"The Session Goods Bong sports a sexy form factor with clean lines, graceful curves, and a super-thick-booty of a bottom to accommodate a low waterline."

Weedgadgets | Mar 8th 2020Read Article

"The Session Bong is a beautiful exercise in minimalism and modernism."

420 Science | Nov 26th 2019Read Article

"Session Goods’ products will help you achieve the best smoking ritual possible."

Cannabis Now | Oct 6th 2019Read Article

"The latest step in marijuana’s march into the mainstream? A cafe where you can legally light up a joint, alongside a plate of vegan nachos."

Bloomberg | Oct 2nd 2019Read Article

"The Avid Dabber, Will Hyde, sits down with Sam and Esther of Session Goods to discuss the many ways product design can impact the cannabis experience."

Leafly | Aug 21st 2019Read Article

"These beautifully discreet bongs from Session Goods are the perfect piece of paraphernalia for the adult smoker."

This is Why I'm Broke | Jul 16th 2019Read Article

"Session attempts to bring a new perspective to products with a focus on relaxation, leisure and enjoyment."

Core77 | Jun 12th 2019Read Article

"...a stylish bong that could look at home alongside the clean lines of an Eames lounge chair."

Forbes | Feb 27th 2019Read Article

"Session Goods Designs With Beauty & Functionality In Mind."

Dieline | Jan 15th 2019Read Article

"Simplicity and Modesty in Form Through Function."

Forbes | Jan 10th 2019Read Article

"The Session Goods Water Pipe sports a modern design that speaks to the increasingly mainstream nature of marijuana use, which is seeing adult consumers seek out equipment that is stylish and suitable for leaving out in the open."

Trendhunter | Oct 29th 2018Read Article

"It’s time for a more refined, attractive way to partake. Session Goods has just the thing."

Cool Material | Oct 29th 2018Read Article

"The Session Goods Water Pipe deserves respect instead of skepticism."

Uncrate | Oct 27th 2018Read Article

"This is the Tesla of bongs."

Product Hunt | Oct 21st 2018Read Article

Dedicated to moments of indulgence, thoughtfully expressed through permissible vices.