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Landing - Stash Jar Story

The Making of the Session Stash Jar.

We all have the need to protect and store our precious herb that we smokers cherish so much, but we also know that smoking glassware always has a bunch of random odds and ends that usually find their way to some forgotten drawer. 

That being said, we thought we’d take a stab at making one of our own. One that embodied our style and the needs of the modern stoner - enter the Session Stash Jar. We think we solved a few of the basic problems in an elegant and functional way. Ideally, you pair our Stash Jar with any of our other Session products to get the most out of your smoking experience and to really round out your accessories collection.

Stash jars in stoner culture are usually any container, vessel or receptacle that has been created for the purpose of storing one’s supply of herb, edibles, or other related consumables for recreational or medicinal purposes. Stash jars are either used to conceal said contents from possible discovery or just to store them in a manner that will prolong their freshness or usability. Ideal stash jars are sealed in such a manner to eliminate or reduce the amount of oxygen, heat, light, and moisture that can come in contact with the herb inside. Most are simple, while others are elaborate with fancy seals and electronics to track humidity, sunlight, temperature and more.These things all worked or didn’t to some degree, each with its own benefits and downfalls. But if you were like us, we found that many times, we often just repurpose other containers to be used as stash jars like: mason  jars, re-sealable plastic food containers, pill bottles or even leftover Altoids tins. We wanted to do better than that. We wanted to create something that rounded out the Session experience provided by all of our products.

We spent a ton of time trying to create the most beautiful, simple and functional storage container that we could think of. Our stylish, compact storage jar has been designed not only to keep your plant-based herb fresh, but also keep your extra Session accessories safe so they don’t get lost somewhere when you need them. This jar features a press-fit airtight silicone lid to prevent leaking and keep the smell contained. The black-tinted borosilicate glass is UV resistant to keep color and potency preserved. These features protect cannabis from oxygen, light, and moisture which is essential to extending its freshness. In addition to the trisected silicone storage of your additional Session pieces, we included a built-in bowl stand on the underside of the lid to assist you in packing a bowl in the easiest possible way. The excellence of this stash jar will keep cannabis dry, locking in scent, and protecting it from light to extend its freshness as long as possible. Not only does it do all this, but it does it in a visually, drool-worthy way. 

The design is sleek, modern, and unassuming - it’s capable, just like its brothers and sisters the Bong and Pipe, of sitting out on your table or shelf and only commanding the most admirable of gazes. Again aesthetics and function are holding hands in perfect harmony with this piece. So in the spirit of keeping things classy, organized, and fresh the Session Stash Jar is your perfect partner. Let your stash stay fresh and your parts be in order.

That's the story of the Session Stash Jar. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did making it.