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Landing - Ashtray Story

The Making of the Session Ashtray.

We all have the need to find a place to ash that joint or empty that bowl after smoking. Ashtrays are an essential part of any smoker’s experience - usually serving only one or two functions until now.

To be honest, you don’t even have to smoke to enjoy a nice-looking ashtray. These days the coolest, most design-focused ashtrays can be used to house anything from keys to spare change. Hell, you could even use one as an interesting art object by throwing it on top of a pile of trendy coffee-table books in your living room. If you do smoke and are like us however, you want an ashtray that is not only good looking, but also handles your spent ash in a clean, discrete manner. If that’s what you’re looking for then we have made the perfect ashtray to add to your collection.

We think we solved a few of the basic problems in an elegant and functional way. Ideally, you pair our Ashtray with any of our other Session products to get the most out of your smoking experience and to really round out your accessories collection.

Ashtrays are obviously designed to collect ash, keeping it off floors and furniture, while also serving as a place to rest your joint when it’s not in your hand. Ideally, they keep your smoking session classy and clean while also serving as an aesthetically pleasing object when not in use. The thing with ashtrays is if they aren’t constantly emptied after each use, they get nasty and stink up your home. As smokers who use a range of accessories to enjoy our flower, from bongs to pipes to joints, ashtrays rarely have any extra function to assist you in cleaning out your smoking utensil, holding your bowl in place, or keeping your joint from falling into that nasty ash. Often one aspect of the ashtray is missing - it’s beautiful, but doesn’t work well or it works well, but it’s ugly as hell. We, being the hedonistic pleasure-seeking designers that we are, decided to design an ashtray that does both.  

Balancing tasteful design with premium functionality, our modern take on the classic ashtray will keep any session classy and clean. This new ashtray comes equipped with a removable fire retardant debowler for clearing out your pipe or bowl. One especially convenient feature is the resealable silicone lid to help prevent nasty, lingering smells from filling up your home. Although it may only be on a rare occasion, with the resealable lid this ashtray can be taken with you on the go so that you always have a place to house your butts. We certainly don’t condone littering, so if you pack it in, definitely pack it out. In addition to the debowler, this ashtray has other multiuse features like a bowl stand on the underside of the lid and two tapered rests for holding pre-rolls. The silicone footer protects the tinted borosilicate glass body, keeping it from sliding around and making it more durable if dropped. Like all Session Goods products, it’s made of high-quality materials and designed with an elegant and sophisticated look that highlights simple and functional smoking features. It really is a beautiful thing that does more than the average ashtray. So stay classy, not ashy.

That's the story of the Session Ashtray. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we did making it.