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Landing - Bong Story

The Making of the Session Bong

It all started with a makeshift glass Snapple bottle that we hid under our sink. It worked fine, Did the job, Hits were smooth enough, it held water and got us high as kites. Was it functional? Yes. Was it beautiful...not in the slightest. We hid it from the world. It was our daily driver but it wasn’t a showpiece. Not that we were ashamed but we definitely weren’t proud of the ingenuity it took to make the thing. Like many a stoner who grew up to be relatively put together modern citizens with good taste, and a desire for objects that not only work well but look beautiful - we wanted our smoke ware to match our modern sensibilities. We wanted a bong to not only function well (deliver us smooth milky fat rips) but also look good enough as to not be cloistered away under a damp sink until it was time to pack a bowl and relax. We decided, being designers of objects ourselves, to make what we couldn’t find. Sure there were plenty of bongs out there. From cheap plastic tubes to multi thousand dollar works of abstract glass art. Mostly pieces mired by swirling tie die and Rastafarian imagery or over-the-top complicated scientific apparatus . There really wasn’t anything that fit what we were looking for. Something beautiful, something functional and something simple that was also, ideally, relatively affordable. We wanted a modern bong for modern times.

 After a stony meeting of the minds and some crazy ideas, we formed Session and designed the Session Bong. We filled the walls of our kitchen and make shift workspaces on weekends with sketches of glass forms and clever smoking features eventually landing on what you see today. We labored over details, we made endless models and samples. We ran tests and experiment (smoking sessions with lots of snacks) with users both veteran and newbies. We learned a lot. We wanted to do more than just make a cool bong. We wanted to design a full experience. We wanted to give the same attention we gave to designing the countless lifestyle, technology and consumer goods we designed in our everyday life. We wanted every touch point to be thoughtfully considered - from the packaging to packing the first bowl to how it’s looked perched on your coffee table or book shelf.