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A highly designed way to enjoy your smoke session.



What happens when four friends gather around a bong? In movies, this setting usually leads to impromptu philosophy discussions, spontaneous adventures, and trips to White Castle. For us, an evening around the bong brought up a deep conversation about bong design and modern cannabis accessories. 

Modernizing the bong.

During that stoney conversation back in 2017, we came to the sad realization that bong design was severely lacking compared to other advancements in cannabis culture. Cultivation, product ingredients, and branding have improved over recent years, yet, accessories like bongs and pipes remain outdated and reminiscent of an older era. Most of the glass we were used to smoking out of looked like bulky laboratory tools. Instead of feeling proud of our smoking devices, we kept them hidden and out of sight. So why hadn't smoking accessories been given the same level of design attention as any other product? Since the attitudes and perceptions around weed were undoubtedly shifting, we figured the products used to smoke it should too. Thus, we saw an opportunity to embrace these evolving attitudes. We challenged ourselves to create cannabis accessories that felt more like home goods rather than something illicit. 

The Session design philosophy.

We began dedicating all of our free time (work sessions as they grew to be called) to developing the brand, focusing on research and design. Our goal was to create a brand centered around the simple act of taking time for yourself. Our philosophy is simple; to make highly designed smoking accessories with functionality in mind. We believe in creating products that spark joy and support your relaxation. We push boundaries through the marriage of good design, high-quality materials, and thoughtful details to multiply and enhance your satisfaction during your moments of indulgence and hygge. 

Get hygge.

In Danish culture, hygge, derived from the Norwegian term hugga (similar to the English word hug), represents a sense of warmth and togetherness. A hygge lifestyle places importance on moments of quiet calm where you can relax and deepen your relationships. An afternoon reading books together in silence, a wandering nature hike, and dinner by candlelight are all occasions that inspire hygge. We believe cannabis can also cultivate this kind of atmosphere. Our design philosophy matches the goals of our business. Basically, we think your leisure should be lit. In our experience, a smoking session promotes deeper connections and creative imagining. After a stressful week, smoking a bowl with friends is a perfect way to reset and unwind. We hope Session products help you to do just that and more.