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It's 420; here's where we'd rather be...

It's 420; here's where we'd rather be...

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It's 420, and we'd rather doze away amongst the Monsteras living in the internal garden at The Featherston House.

If you want to visit the internal garden, check out our Instagram.

It's the second week of March, which means by next week, we'll finally be experiencing the euphoria of more sunlight, later sunsets, and being that much closer to the first day of Spring. Take a trip with us this week to enjoy the lush greenery inside The Featherston House, meet Froderick, have a sandwich, and listen to some tunes.

So without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams.

The Featherston House by Robin Boyd

The Featherston House is one of Melbourne's most architecturally-significant homes. The house was designed in 1969 by Robin Boyd for the design duo Grant and Mary Featherston. Grant and Mary's son and daughter-in-law, Julian and Vicky Featherston, now live in the house as custodians of the home. They also designed the most recent renovations. 

Meet Frodrick, the Frog with a House

The story of Frodrick the frog and the house his friend 3D printed for him.

TikTok user UnknownDazza has built his frog a 3D-printed house, iterating on it over time with viewer feedback. The result is an amphibian abode anyone can be jealous of, featuring a pool, bug catcher, tadpole ramp, and even an honest-to-God panic room for predator attacks.

Deli Selections 

Bagel & lox on a table with other plates

No matter your culinary skills, just about anyone can make a sandwich. However, it takes something special to take it to the next level. Now, that something special doesn't need to be over the top to take it to the next level. Some of the BEST sandwiches are messy, wrapped in tin foil, and often come from a food truck or small unsuspecting shop with little fanfare.

We discovered a list of thirty of the best sandwiches, and trust us, these humble sandwiches are worth traveling for.

Recommended Listening

Enjoying the music? We'll compile all these into a Winter Wrapped playlist.

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