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It's 420; here's where we'd rather be...

It's 420; here's where we'd rather be...

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It's 420, and we'd rather be hotboxing this glass house in Colombia that happens to be owned by J. Balvin.

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We are happy to announce that there are only 10 days before daylight savings begins! Longer days mean a slow burn that won't be interrupted by darkness, and after work-activities become a must. Join us this week, watch the most calming baking series, scroll through collectors and their collections, and tour J Balvin's vacation home. 

So without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams.

A study of Tiramisu

There are few things better than being relaxed and watching soothing cooking videos. Watch as Alvin Zhou creates his family's favorite 100-hour Tiramisu. From the cinematography to the sounds, this is one beautiful baking video.

We recommend that you get your hands on some Tiramisu before watching. You will be craving a sweet snack.

Collectors & Collections

Collection of Lego on display on a white shelf. The set includes a large Star Wars Millennium Falcon and oversized Lego heads.

Graduating during the pandemic meant many art school students were unable to showcase their work publicly. Vice Magazine sent out an open call for art students to share their portfolios for the opportunity to win a solo show hosted by Photobook Cafe.

Vice Magazine awarded Callum O'Keefe for their collections of photographs of eccentric creators and their obsessive collections.

Explore Callum O'Keefe's Antiques of Future Past 

J Balvin home tour

When he isn't traveling the world or living in Casa Aire (pictured in the header image), he's unwinding at his Japanese-inspired vacation home. Follow the superstar on a tour of his "temple," where no bed is off limits and nature is only a pane of glass away.

We 100% approve of J Balvin's interior design choices. 

Recommended Listening

Enjoying the music? We'll compile all these into a Winter Wrapped playlist.

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