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Curl up in this cozy eco-home and see the inspiration behind GLOW

Curl up in this cozy eco-home and see the inspiration behind GLOW

Session Goods
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It's 420, and we'd rather be lounging in this underground hobbit hole from Mexican Architect Javier SenosiainFor more angles, views, and a review of our Glow collection, check out our Instagram.

To further celebrate our GLOW collaboration with WeedFeed, we thought it would be fun to share some of the imagery and videos behind the campaign. We're sharing our sources and the details behind the choices. 

So without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams.

The GLOW Board

The GLOW Board - Photos of Inso board for GLOW

We aimed to create an illusion of GLOW without losing the glass definition. To achieve this, we settled on bright, high-contrast colors, uncommon angles, and harsh flash lighting. The jump-off inspiration was a nod to the "all-female" planet tropes in 1960's sci-fi movies. 

We've published our Pinterest board if you want to view everything we saved.

Technicolor Dream

We were drawn to this video for its choppy transitions, sound design, and perspective. The mix of simple backgrounds and bold styling was an inspiration. After this, we decided the "prop" budget would go towards wardrobe/styling vs. set pieces. We liked how she felt trapped behind the glass, a concept we carried into our video.


@estherlenoirramirez @sessiongoods X @ouidfeed BTS GLOW video campaign. Proud of how this whole collection came out. #entrepreneur #designer #sessiongoods #collab #fyp ♬ Work - Gang Starr

Here are some quick shots behind the scenes of the GLOW video shoot. All things filming, directing, sound, editing by Scott Postl, makeup by Mia Dondero, and the main character played by Little Dugan. This shoot was produced and staged in Los Angeles by WeedFeed & Session.

All still photography was styled, edited, and shot by Sydney Brown.

Recommended Viewing

Watch the full campaign video above. Most of the time, you have to be flexible with creative work. Our initial plans to shoot GLOW had to be adjusted on-site because the studio wasn't a black-out room. Despite the challenges, it's safe to say we've made the dopest music video for a Bong ever.

Did you see how our inspiration translated into the final product? 

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