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Check Out the Dreamiest Garden House We've Ever Seen

Check Out the Dreamiest Garden House We've Ever Seen

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2 minute read

It's 420, and we'd rather indulge and hang out in the dreamiest garden hideaway we've ever seen. The Green Box, by Italian Studio act_romegialli.

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As we find ourselves comfortably settled into the dreamiest time of the year, with the sun shining and flowers blooming, we can't help but dream of all the little things that bring us joy. Whether it's finally getting our hands on a fan-favorite Costco food court item, seeing our beloved pets on billboards, or marveling at the mysterious conversations of mushrooms, these simple pleasures remind us to savor the sweetness of life.

So, without further ado, we have our weekly inspiration for you to spark your afternoon daydreams.

Costco Is Finally Bringing Back This Fan-Favorite Food Court Item

Costco Food Court

Guess what? Costco heard our cravings! They're finally bringing back that fan-favorite food court item we've been missing. Get ready for a taste bud celebration. Check out the article for all the mouthwatering details. It's definitely time to plan our next Costco run.

Put your fur baby on a billboard for free.

Fur Baby Billboard Site

You can showcase your adorable fur-baby on a billboard for free! We stumbled upon this amazing opportunity in an article. It's the perfect chance to give your pet the spotlight they deserve. Check out the details and let your pet's star shine bright!

Mushrooms can "talk" to each other and get extra chatty after it rains.

Laccaria bicolor mushrooms

Discover the secret language of mushrooms. According to a fascinating study, a team of Japanese researchers inserted electrodes into mushrooms and watched their voltages spike after a storm. Discovering that mushrooms have the ability to communicate with each other, especially when it rains.

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