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The Session Goods Designer Series.

The Session Goods Designer Series is officially available now.

They say the world isn't black and white, but when it comes to our latest product series, we disagree. We have taken Session’s iconically designed, modern smoking accessory line and created a limited edition run of all black and white Designer Bongs, Designer Pipes, and Cleaning Caps. You can begin swooning now.

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Explore the beautiful styling of our modern smoking accessories by indulging in the classic and traditional designer aesthetic of monochromatic black and white.


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"... designer bong company Session Goods sells pieces clearly designed by people who take toking seriously."

written by Vox | Apr 19th 2021

"Best Everyday Model, Session Goods Bong: If you’re looking to put some real mileage on a bong, Session Goods is the place to start."

written by Rolling Stones | Apr 20th 2021

“... a stylish bong that could look at home alongside the clean lines of an Eames lounge chair.

written by Forbes | Feb 27th 2020

Dedicated to moments of indulgence, thoughtfully expressed through permissible vices.